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Central Coast Council

Gosford West Ward

A passionate advocate for your community.

Council elections Saturday September 9, 2017

Notes from Umina Beach community meeting at Jasmine Greens, November 12, 2017

Notes from Umina Beach community meeting at Jasmine Greens, November 12, 2017


Dear Friends

Thank you to the 20+ concerned community members who attended our public meeting at Jasmine Greens on Sunday November 12.

Please find below my notes if the key issues raised in our the meeting.

I have CC’d all of the Central Coast Councillors and I have  BCC’d the participant emails - pleas let me know if you are happy for me to share your email addresses so you can correspond with each other.



Quick summary of initiatives taking place since the meeting:

  1. Lord Mayor of Sydney has endorsed our requests for lights in the PRP and increased youth services and security measures in Umina.
  2. Ricky Simoes from Umina Beach Markets and Gabby Greyem are collaborating on organising more free community events in the Peninsula Recreation Precinct
  3. Julian Bowker is working on an initiative for a Plastic Free Peninsula
  4. Julie Vaughn of Council has agreed to meet with gabby Greyem re: PRP improvements
  5. RYSS is bringing the RYSS bust to the PRP this January
  6. Sarah Bradfield of NSW Health Youth Services is coordinating with the Benevolent Society, BWSC and Jasmine Greens to fund 100 kids cooking classes at Jasmine Greens this January
  7. Emily Batts & Daniel Shine from Empty Suitcase will work with Jasmine Greens to host more public events in the PRP in 2018.
  8. Rotary Woy Woy has invited Gabby to present to their members in January 2018.

Media coverage of our community campaigning to make the PRP safe at night and for more youth services on the Peninsula - thanks to all our local media for your support!!!



Present at meeting on 12.11.17

  • Clr Jilly Pillon
  • Ron Beale Umina Community Group
  • Anne Parsons Pearl Beach Crommelin
  • Helen Orchard Koolewong Tascott & Point Clare Progress Association
  • Ralf Dahmen, Somersby Animal Hospital
  • Julian Bowker Plastic Free Peninsula
  • Dennis Perrigo concerned Umina Resident
  • Elaine Watkins, concerned resident
  • Charlie and Genevieve Teo
  • Ricky Simoes, Umina Beach Markets
  • Steve - local dad and concerned resident
  • Sarah Williams, local Map business entrepreneur
  • Helen Macnair, Umina Beach Yoga
  • Ray Grimshaw concerned resident
  • Susanne - Pearl Beach Crommelin arboretum
  • Victoria Crawdord, Pearl Beach Crommelin arboretum
  • Gabby Greyem, Jasmine Greens
  • some people left early…


Key topics raised - in order they were raised:

  • Concern that Council has not renewed the personal trainers and funding for Live Life Get Active - the most successful free fitness program in NSW was based in Umina in the Peninsula recreation Precinct (PRP), but here has been no trainer for months.
  • Future development of Patonga and the whole Gosford area
  • maintaining the heritage, charm and natural beauty and amenities
  • don’t privatise our Patonga Camping ground or our public facilities
  • Crime in the area
  • teenage pregnancies
  • vandalism and abusive behaviour
  • feeling unsafe in the PRP at night
  • car tyres slashed in Woy Woy commuter car park
  • excessive parking fines for commuters in Woy Woy
  • youth issues
  • youth anxiety
  • sad that the PRP is unsafe
  • needing to address issues for young people - how can we better support young people and help them be a part of solutions?
  • Clare Pillon - noone should feel unsafe
  • Clr Pillon I feel safe living in Wamberal
  • Clr Pillon agrees we need to look at the deeper issues for youth and domestic violence on the Peninsula
  • Clr Pillon - we need more Police presence - friendship with our community - waiting for a response from Central Council staff about lights for the PRP - apologies for Clr Troy Marquart who has broken his knee. - 
  • Clr Pillon - This is not my Council Ward, but I am still concerned for your community.
  • Clr Pillon - Councillors are not allowed to speak directly with Council staff except a small handful.
  • Silting of the Ettalong channel a big concern - we need a permanent solution - sand should be put back on the beaches
  • Flood mitigation on the Peninsula
  • We pay storm water levies on our rates but 60% of the Peninsula is not guttered or curbed - no drains - where has the levy been spent?
  • Here to support the arboretum committeeLack of Police presence
  • youth issues
  • Chromium arboretum - with  3.5 years to sign license agreement - Council is making it impossible to continue this important bush regeneration and Koala habitat work due to new fees in the kind of rates and levies and tip fees and cost of installing disabled toilet…
  • Council has entrenched staff attitudes that need to change to be more community service oriented - nothing has changes with the amalgamation
  • You can only get information form Council by using Freedom of Information applications - there is not Council transparency or staff accountability
  • Very concerned abut antisocial behaviour at Umina Beach and in the PRP and Sydney Avenue car park
  • Police come every couple of hours but the kids run into the bush and hide in the dark only to return when the Police leave
  • Five fires in the reserve in one week this year.
  • Somersby industrial zone is creeping into residential land and zoning and destroying the way of life of the long term residents of Somersby
  • indiscriminate expansion of industry in the area is not in the interests of the residents
  • it’s very hard to engage Council on the use of Section 96’s to change DA’s which clear endangered plant and animal habitat and to stop indiscriminate land owners form destroying the natural environment
  • It took seven years and a High Court battle to fight just one non complying development, but even so the owner cleared the site illegally and Council did nothing.
  • The reluctance of Council staff to act and prosecute illegal activity such as clearing of land and endangered habitat e.g. pigmy possum flora and habitat is shameful!
  • Somersby is a rural setting that is being turned into tarmac due to creep of section 96 changes to DAs and noone is paying attention in the planning department of Council!
  • 5am truck movements in residential areas in Somersby
  • Council is over considering the needs of business over and above the needs of residents and the natural environment 
  • Council is not responding to community concerns
  • Rural sites being re-zoned industrial for a concrete factory without comity consultation is outrageous and it keeps happening!
  • We need more youth services on the Peninsula and on the Mountain
  • Lack of Police presence
  • lack of CCTV footage
  • lack of action on Police calls
  • Council staff are NOT doing their jobs properly
  • Section 96 Creep is destroying the Central Coast
  • Council needs to work more closely with our community
  • Alcohol abuse is a big issue not he Peninsula
  • we need more stats on causes of death for what kinds of substance abuse
  • Burnt out cars in national parks are never removed - when they are left there, they create bushfire danger and other dangers and encourage more of the same activity
  • they need to be cleaned up faster - 
  • we need to put more effort into stopping illegal rubbish dumping in pubic reserved and in our national parks
  • How can we best influence Couucil?
  • How can our voices be heard?
Thanks NBN TV for your coverage of our campaign to make Umina Beach safe at night.

Thanks NBN TV for your coverage of our campaign to make Umina Beach safe at night.